February 2012: Dengchao's paper entitled ''Transmembrane Potential across Single Nanopores and the Resulting Meristive and Memcapacitive Ion Transport' is published on J. Am. Chem. Soc. Congrats!

March 2012: Cecil was selected as a 2012 MBD Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow. Congrats!

April 2012: Gabriel joins the group as a McNair undergraduate scholar. Welcome!

May 2012: Cecil won 2011 Chemistry Award for Outstanding Work at the undergraduate level. Congrats!

June 2012: Zhenghua's paper entitled 'Near Infrared Luminescence of Gold Nanoclusters Affected by the Bonding of 1, 4-Dithiolate Durene and Monothiolate'is published on Nanoscale. Congrats!'

June 2012: Zhenghua won 2011 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad. Congrats!

June 2012: the group welcome Keith as an ACS SEED summer high school student!

August 2012: Juan's paper entitled ''Noninvasive Surface Coverage Determination of Chemically Modified Nanodevices that Rectify Ion Transport' is published on Anal. Chem. Congrats!














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