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Dr. Jenny J Yang

Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics

1992, Ph.D., Florida State University

1992-1993 Research Fellow, Syntex Discovery Research

1993-1995 OCMS Research Fellow, University of Oxford, UK

1995-1996 Harford Research Fellow of MB&B, Yale University

Contact Information (Map and Directions):

Dr. Jenny J Yang

Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University

552 Natural Science Center

Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: (404) 413-5520

Fax: (404) 413-5551

Email: jenny@gsu.edu

Research Interest:

The research in the Jenny J Yang Laboratory focuses on the chemical, biological, material and environmental role of calcium and calcium binding proteins ( We call it calciomics ) using design and engineering approaches. Our goal is to predict and understand the role of metal ions, especially calcium, in biological, chemical and environmental systems, to design novel tools for diagnostics and research, and to create drugs for better health and overall environment. Our multi-disciplinary research projects involve the Structural Biology (NMR and X-ray), Biophysics, Biochemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biocomputing (Bioinformatics), Physiology, Neuron Sciences and Biomaterial Sciences. Our multidisciplinary approach to these research interests includes site-directed mutagenesis, combinatorial methods, molecular modeling, bacterial and mammalian cell cultures, in cell NMR, various spectroscopic methods (e.g. CD, fluorescence, confocal scanning fluorescence microscopy, NMR, X-ray crystallography, cellular imaging, and MRI imaging) and other techniques such as BiaCore (SPR) and Mass spectrometry. There are several main research concentrations in our group.


2013 Distinguished University Professors, Georgia State University

2004-2005 Medical Research Award from NIH, Southeast Research Center for Emerging Diseases and Biodefense (SERCEB)

2003 Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award, Georgia State University

2003 Featuring Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to McNair Minority Undergraduate Research Program

2001 Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, Georgia State University, Arts & Sciences

1996 Donahue Foundation Research Award

1995 1996 Hartford Research Award

1993 1995 Oxford Center for Molecular Sciences Fellowship


NIH: HL042220-20

Gap junctions and ionic currents in developing heart

NIH: GM081749-04S1

Structural biology of receptor-mediated extracellular calcium signaling

NIH: EB007268-04

Designing magnetic resonance protein-based contrast agents with high relaxivity

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